Because We Can

A Journey of Health and Happiness

colormetheshadeofmoon asked: nah, girl! you've got a kick ass body. love it, because it's amazing. remember to tell yourself you rock, baby doll. so stand up tall and give yourself a hug from me. ;)

But I’m not all positive and stuff like you. I mean dang. Look at this message you wrote!

Feeling really terrible about my body today.  I need to get it together.  It’s literally distracting to me how bad I feel about it.

runforthethrill asked: hey i just wanted you to know i started following you when i first got here and i gotta say good work!! your blog is still awesomee~~

Thanks :D

nikkibeanz asked: What about IF for someone who has a difficult time eating anyways? I go through these weird phases where i cant eat, except for a few bites, for weeks and some times a month..

It sounds like your metabolism is kinda unstable. I have days like that back and forth. It’s just healthier for you to eat at regular times and such to learn to regulate it.